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How to Enjoy Ultimate Nutrition by Adding Whole Foods & Vegetables to Your Diet

Just the thought of transitioning to a plant-based diet can totally upend many Americans. Food is an important part of our culture, and surrounds many of our social interactions. Many parents, eager to improve the diet and health of their families tell us that their children don’t like vegetables, and they don’t know how they could get them to eat a diet consisting predominantly of fruits and vegetables.

Following are a number of questions we are asked frequently. We hope these answers will give you information and practical advice that will allow you and your family to understand the key relationship between diet and health, and how to introduce a healthier and more nutritious diet to your family. We are fully convinced that a plant-based diet will improve your family’s health. Once this new approach to healthy eating is established, it can be passed down as a precious legacy to future generations.

General Questions

What are nutrients?

What are phytochemicals?

Is organic really healthier? Do I have to eat all organic?

Does food combining really improve your health?

I am eating a plant-based diet; why am I not losing weight?

Nutrition Questions

Where do I get my protein? And how much do I need? 

If I don’t drink milk, where do I get my calcium?

Should I take a mult-vitamin?

Tips for the Transition to a Plant-Based Diet

Eating Healthy on a Budget

How do I respond to opposition?

I started eating this way and feel sick - what happened?

Do you have suggestions to make the transition to a healthy diet easier for my family?

What do I buy to fill my pantry with healthier food? 

What small kitchen appliances do you recommend?

What if I (or my kids) don’t like vegetables?

Do you have any healthy recipes that my family will enjoy? 

What should I do if I experience gas and gastrointestinal distress after starting to eat this way?

What is Carrageenan and should I avoid it?

Information about Diet and Disease

Is it really possible to get off my medications by changing my diet?

I take medications for my disease. Isn’t my disease under control?

How do I cut back on my blood pressure medicine?

What should I do if I am taking medications?

I have diabetes. What fruits are better for me in smoothies?

I was just diagnosed with anemia. What are some good plant-based sources of iron to help me get back in balance?

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