I began the 7-Week Solution as outlined in Dr. Stoll’s book, Alive! A Physician’s Biblical & Scientific Guide to Nutrition, and was so hungry! Is a smoothie ALL I am to have for breakfast? How do I not feel so hungry, you almost feel sick? 

What you are experiencing is what Dr. Stoll refers to as, “toxic hunger”. Toxic hunger is driven by food addiction and food withdrawal cycles. The physical manifestations of toxic hunger are growling stomach, light-headedness, weakness, being tired and irritable and, as you so aptly put it, “you almost feel sick”. The most toxic food offenders are sugar, sweets, sweet drinks, dairy, meats, and breads/processed carbohydrates. 

Surprisingly, true hunger is a feeling of drawing or pulling in the back of the throat, taste sensitivity, and increased salivation. The majority of Americans today have never experienced true hunger, because we are never without food long enough to understand the critical difference between true hunger toxic withdrawal symptoms that leave us feeling, “sick”. 

The good news is that toxic hunger will diminish, if you are patient. Be sure to add a full head of kale to smoothie, since the fiber will keep you full. This always does the trick! A bowl of oatmeal would also be a great addition to your morning smoothie. Lastly, Dr. Stoll encourages his patients to have some avocado with lettuce, or carrots and celery as a mid-morning snack. For more information, read Day 13 of Alive! A Physician’s Biblical & Scientific Guide to Nutrition.