God created your body with the amazing ability to adapt when it is presented with new circumstances or environments. Adaptation occurs during exercise as your body builds muscle and endurance, with mental challenges that stimulate new brain cells, or when you move to a new climate. But did you know that another exciting example of adaptation is in your taste? You can learn to enjoy new tastes in as little as thirty days, or fifteen tries, when a new taste is presented consistently. This is very exciting because you can learn to not only tolerate, but actually enjoy foods that you may not like today!

These foods can be presented in very small sizes at first, such as a leaf of lettuce or juiced vegetables to help make the process very tolerable. We encourage you not to let rigor mortis of the mind restrain you from changing your diet. Your thoughts have great power over your future; but, remember, they are just thoughts. Change your thoughts, and you will change your actions. Change your actions, and you will change your habits. Change your habits, and you will created a new lifestyle and future.