Fresh organic fruits and vegetables will prevent exposure to the chemicals found in conventional (non-organic) produce and processed foods. They will also substantially reduce your current toxin load and even allow your body to eliminate stored toxins. Organic foods are an important component of health for two reasons: higher micronutrient density and the absence of toxins. With every bite of organic produce you consume, you are giving your body more of the essential nutrients that support cellular health, limiting pesticide exposure, and assisting in detoxification.

Cost is often a limitation in consuming organic produce. You don’t have to buy 100 percent organic to significantly reduce your toxic exposures and, in fact, some conventional foods have very low levels of toxins. The table below lists what is known as the Dirty Dozen (conventional produce found to have high levels of pesticides) and the Clean 15 (foods found to have very low levels of toxins):

Dirty Dozen Clean 15
Apples Onions
Celery Sweet Corn
Strawberries Pineapples
Peaches Avocado
Spinach Asparagus
Nectarines – Imported Sweet Peas
Grapes – Imported Eggplant
Sweet Bell Peppers Cantaloupe – Domestic
Blueberries – Domestic Kiwi
Lettuce Cabbage
Kale / Collard Greens Watermelon
  Sweet Potatos

Any animal products you eat should also be organic, free-range, and raised on natural, pesticide-free food sources. These will be more expensive than conventionally-raised animals, and the expense will likely determine an appropriate serving size and frequency. A more plant-based diet will compensate for the added expense of organic animal products.

Keep in mind that simply shifting your diet toward the foods found in the first garden and eating naturally occurring foods will eliminate the largest pesticide source for you and your family – processed foods and drinks – and provide your body with nutrients to help detoxify. Pesticides and toxins should not be a source of worry or fear. First, cast all your fears upon God, and then try to decide each day to choose healthy foods from His garden.