If asked, many people would define healthy as, “disease that is controlled by medications.” In truth, every disease is a symptom of a diseased body that will eventually yield to failure in other areas. People often treat the symptom, and ignore or downplay the significance of degenerative disease. The damage continues to accumulate under the radar until the body reaches a “the tipping point”, where accumulated degeneration and disease suddenly become apparent and steal away the quality from our lives. This is not the beginning of disease, but it’s really a crisis point because the body has become overloaded with accumulated damage to cells and tissues.

If you have reached the tipping point, listen to the message your body is sending you: “Help! I am sick, and damage has accumulated to the point that I can’t keep up.” The tipping point demands change. It should be an emergency alarm signaling that your body is suffering from repeated injury that has been building up over years and even decades, and needs immediate attention.

The decision to fight the degeneration battle will initially be challenging, but you will advance on the enemy and the rewards awaiting you are great!