How can my family start to eat healthy? Do you have suggestions to make the transition to a healthier diet easier for my family?

For most people, the first step is to understand the key relationship between diet and health. Knowing that you will feel better and have more energy is the impetus for making a change that will last a lifetime. Even relatively young children, if they are often sick with minor illnesses, can understand the value of changing their diet to improve their immune system and feel better. Alive! 40 Days to Lifetime Health can give you all of the biblical guidance and scientific data you need to make better, healthier eating choices.

Even after being convinced of the value of changing their diet, most people still find it easier if they make the transition slowly. Fully Alive Today recommends a 7-week Healthy Eating Plan, during which you add more and more healthy meals to your weekly diet.

7-Week Healthy Eating Transition

Week 1

Have a fruit and greens smoothie for breakfast instead of whatever you normally eat. Download a smoothie recipe here. 

Week 2

Continue the morning smoothie, and add one healthy dinner, using guidance from our “healthy plate” illustration. Download the illustration here.

Week 3

Continue the smoothie for breakfast, and have two healthy dinners.  Spend some time purging your refrigerator and cabinets of processed food and purchasing food from our healthy grocery list.

Week 4

Continue the breakfast smoothie, and have three healthy plate dinners.  Learn more about healthy dinners here. Begin to add raw vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers and peppers to your lunches. Also cut down on your caffeine consumption by one-half. (Use one-half regular and one-half decaffeinated coffee if necessary.)

Week 5

Smoothies for breakfast and four healthy plate dinners.  Eliminate meat/animal products from your lunches, and add instead salads, beans, vegetable pitas or wraps, leftover dinner and/or cooked vegetables to your lunch menus. Find more guidance about healthy lunches here.

Week 6

Breakfast smoothies and five healthy plate dinners. Eat a healthy lunch every day. We recommend packing it the night before during dinner clean-up to make preparation easier.

Week 7

By week 7, you should be eating healthy at nearly every meal—breakfast, lunch and dinner. Your pantry should be filled with healthy items, including healthy snacks for those days when hunger arrives between meals.