1 cup pecans
1 cup pitted dates
1/3 cup shredded coconut

Place above ingredients in a food processor until well blended.  Press into a cheese pan.


1 can regular coconut milk ( I use Thai brand)
1 cup soaked and drained cashews
2 pitted dates
1/2 teaspoon vanilla flavored liquid stevia
3 tablespoon lemon juice
A pinch of Himalaya pink salt

Place in a blended until smooth. 
Pour filling into the cheese cake pan.


1 cup frozen strawberries
9 drops liquid stevia

Place in blender -- pulse several times. Pour this over your cake in a swirling motion. 

Cover and place pan into the freezer until frozen -- approximately 4 hours. Take out of the freezer 1 hour prior to serving.

Serves 8


About Mustard Seeds:

Mustard Seeds are weekly pick-me-ups from Dr Scott that are mini-bytes full of tips, insights, and inspirations that will help you-stay Fully Alive!  Dr Scott’s goal is to come along side you in your journey and equip you by planting these life giving “seeds” to help you grow in faith and health, and provide encouragement to become all that God has destined you to be.


Significance and Success are not just the number of days in our life but the life in our days.

As Christians begin to lose their health, they become focused on their own lives, pain, diseases, and sufferings, which leaves them less able to focus on the needs around them.  The ability to rise up and go forth, to see and meet the needs around us is greatly diminished, and the living, active church slowly dies from within.

What would your prayer list look like if the majority of church members were healthy? What would we pray for?  Where would our hearts be focused? How would the tone of our prayer time change?

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Merry Christmas from the Stoll Family!

Stoll Family2013
Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; He is the Messiah, the Lord. Luke 2:11(NIV)

What comfort, what joy, what peace, and what hope we have, that God loved us so much that He sent His Son so that we may inherit eternal life!

Kristen and I want to encourage you to take time this year to reflect on what Christmas is truly all about: a child, a Savior, and a coming King! Among the hustle and bustle of the season, be sure to recognize the miracle in a manger some 2,000 years ago, for He was the greatest gift that anyone could ever receive.

Kristen has created some special Christmas Dinner and Breakfast menus for you, and she hopes you will be blessed by it!

November 2013

We have all heard the saying, “You are what you eat”. How true. The plant-based diet is a key to the validity of this statement…if a person wants optimum health. 

The evidence is irrefutable that the closer you and I get to adherence to a plant-based diet, the better chance we have to enjoy life to its fullest. But, as we transition on the journey toward plant-based eating, are there other aspects of life that might keep us from reaching that level of health we desire? I believe that there are and that they come with both a word of encouragement and caution. Very briefly, we are many faceted creations of God. Diet addresses the physical side of us but other sides of our existence include the spiritual, mental/emotional, and relational/social. In the journey toward maximum health, we will each eventually have to deal with all sides of our lives. God would not have us just deal with diet alone, when we are suffering spiritually, or emotionally. Time will bring all of these into clarity and spotlight these at different stages of our lives, to be both recognized and addressed, as they must. For now, let’s focus on diet, with a cautionary step necessary for optimum success.  

PBNHC Stoll SpeakingPBNHC DinnerPBNHC Stoll BenigasPBNHC Docs
We just concluded the first ever International Plant Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference and thanks to many prayers, friends, support, and two incredible partners in Tom Dunnam and Susan Benigas, it was a marvelous success. Ultimately, the attendees determine the success of the event. Doctors, who can often be critical, commented, "It was the greatest medical conference that I have ever attended", " of the most professional and helpful conferences available today" and, "A truly superlative event for a topic whose time has come!" (Dr. William Li, The Angiogensis Foundation). 

I had a lunch meeting this week with a group of men at a restaurant of their choice. After walking through the doors, I quickly walked back outside to recheck my e-mail and confirm that I was indeed in the right place at the right time. Inside was a typical bar with additional seating and the overwhelming smell of bar food—fried and onions.
Chopped OnionsA familiar car pulled into the space next to me confirming that yes, this was the correct restaurant, and I hoped that I would not run into anyone who knew me, or my Whole Foods colleagues. A brief glance at the menu confirmed that I would be only ordering a salad (white iceberg lettuce with shaved carrots and a tomato wedge) without dressing. But it was the overwhelming smell of onions—both in the tavern and on my shirt and in my hair—that triggered this blog.

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP is an elegant healing treatment created when blood from the patient is spun down in a centrifuge and the concentrate of growth factor rich platelets is isolated. The growth factors are then injected into the injured area under ultrasound guidance to carefully guide the needle into the torn or injured tissue.

Lower Back Pain

Video on lower back pain: Sciatica

Despite the relentless nature of lower back pain, the most common cause is a relatively minor problem—muscle strain—not disc irritation, disc rupture, or even a bone problem.

By Kristen Stoll

The health of your bodies depends on the health of your kitchen. The food that is found in your pantry, cupboards and refrigerator will soon make its way into your body and ultimately affect the health of your cells. Your kitchen is one of the frontlines in the battle against disease. So how can you begin to create a healthy kitchen that will ultimately build a healthy body?

According to a recent study at the University of Colorado, the nutrient density of food has declined significantly over the past 100 years.

The human body is a truly marvelous machine ...with complexity and integrated systems that are a testimony to our great Creator. Enjoy!

The most debted nation in the world. The weakest families in the western world. The highest divorce rate in the world. Now, America is quickly becoming the most unhealthy nation in the world. With 70% of its population overweight or obese, up from 13% in 1970, doctors expect that 30% of Americans will have diabetes in the next 20 years. Don't look to Christians for setting an example in this area either. A whopping 76% of Christians are overweight.

Have you ever wondered why we have a pain sensory system? When you hit your thumb with a hammer or stub your toe in the middle of the night, you may question the blessing and the benefits of pain, but pain serves a very important role in the management of our bodies.

It can be difficult to find time for exercise in a busy schedule that typically includes work, children, church activities, community commitments, after-school activities, shopping, and cleaning to name just a few.

How Does Your Body React to Stress?

The one wildcard that can trump all of your attempts at a healthy lifestyle is stress. Once thought to be an excuse or disease of the weak-minded, stress is a now the well-recognized cause of many diseases. How often do you hear the words, “I’m really stressed” or “it has been a stressful day, week, month or year”? How often have you said those words? Stress is an ambiguous term that generally is used to indicate a system overload.

During the past 100 years, medicine and the supplement industry have been dominated by reductionist philosophy that seeks to isolate, refine, and define a pill that will treat, prevent or reverse disease. This philosophy ignores the incredible complexity of food, and probable (and yet unstudied) interactions of macro and micronutrients. Studies have identified this synergistic interaction of nutrients, validating the important point that whole foods are far superior to their isolated parts and, in fact, have a multiplicative effect when consumed together—your smoothie, lunch or dinner. [1] In fact, in 2005 the National Institute of Health conducted a review of published studies on vitamin intake and disease risk, and found that the majority of the studies did not demonstrate any significant benefit. [2]  Still we look for simple solutions that do not demand any personal change, responsibility, or alteration of the foods that we have grown to love, and the $23 billion dollar supplement industry and medical system support our mediocre state.  

A recent study on omega-3 fatty acids validates the potential risk of taking isolated and consolidated supplements. Often referred to as “fish oil”, the study on omega-3 fatty acids highlights the importance of consuming a wide variety of whole foods over supplementation.  

“I'm addicted to raisins,” I flippantly told my Bible study group last winter. Unfortunately it’s true. 

When I started reading Alive!, my grocery store packaged their own brand of organic raisins in a round cardboard canister that held more than a pound and was labeled as thirteen 1/4 cup servings. When I began eating them, a little bit was enough. As time went on, however, I was eating one full container a day. I should have realized when I found raisins daily stuck to the kitchen floor, or the bottom of my shoe, or undressed at night and raisins fell out of my clothes, that my shoving repeated handfuls into my mouth was not normal. 

One day the store downsized their raisin container to a cardboard box holding nine 1/4 cup servings. What do I do? Buy more than one box per day? Cut back to nine servings a day? 

The idea of nutritionism has confused the diet industry, and that’s why we have endless numbers of different diet books from the Cookie Diet, to the Lemonade Diet to the Cabbage Soup Diet; everybody is looking for some way to trick their bodies to lose weight, keep eating the foods they love, and maybe reverse diseases, but we’re always shooting at the wrong mark, missing the goal and the great abundance that God has provided.

If we just step back and look at everything through the Biblical lens – and I am a believer that God’s truth trumps all science – we see that science is continually changing. The things once held to be true are often found to be false, and new truth is found. But the Bible always holds up over time. When God created the Garden it was not about nutritionism; He didn’t give man instructions to eat six times daily, to eat your protein, or that you can’t eat your vegetables or protein with your fruit. God created the Garden and it was good, and He told man to eat of the Garden. And there were green plants and fruit-bearing trees, and that’s what sustained man. And the way that the Garden was organized gave man freedom and that’s the one thing we don’t have today. We have rules, regulations, guilt, sacrifice and deprivation tied into our food. God planned food to be eaten with abundance, joy, and gratitude. Adam and Eve recognized that it was God who provided the sun and the rain, and that the food growing was from God’s wonderful provision and infinite mind that created incredible colors, textures and tastes, and allowed food to always be enjoyable.

As promised here is a report about the Alive! 7-week presentation at our church. The testimonies of those attending were truly wonderful. One lady gave up sugar and found she went through withdrawal symptoms (I can only imagine the amount of sugar that she was ingesting daily). Another, although not overweight, began to pay more attention to her diet and quickly noticed an increased feeling of well-being and energy level, and her skin, eyes and hair all began to look more ALIVE. Another lady testified that she ate “whatever” all of her life until she ran into significant health problems that could not be cured except by major surgery. She now has to be on a very strict gluten-free diet.

One woman testified that her husband had an aggressive cancer. She began juicing for him and giving him a plant-based diet. During doctor’s visits he was told that they couldn't explain or understand why he was still alive and said to keep on doing whatever they were doing. A few extra years of life was the result of this effort, and the wife has a good feeling about her part in his wellness plan which makes his passing a bit easier.