After being introduced to Paul Gautschi, master arborist whose story is featured in the documentary Back to Eden, Dr. Scott and Kristen Stoll decided to start their own Back to Eden Garden. Check back here and on our Facebook page to watch the progress of the Stoll Family Back to Eden Garden!

Stoll Garden1Since Green Means Go, lettuce is a
favorite in the
Stoll Family Garden!

One way to help children enjoy eating a plant-based diet is by involving them in the process, from seed to the table. Here's an easy project to help get you going!

Paul Gautschi has been a gardener for over 55 years and is known locally as a master arborist. In 1979 Paul and his family moved to the Northern Peninsula of Washington from California. As a father to seven children, he has raised food for his family and friends – never to sell. Paul has given lively tours of his orchards and gardens to international groups from 1 to 450 who have also enjoyed the fruits of his labor. Paul is featured in the documentary, Back to Eden film, in which he shares biblical insights and his gardening testimony with others. Paul’s generosity, passion and enthusiastic outlook has changed the lives of people in the local community and travelers from afar.