“I'm addicted to raisins,” I flippantly told my Bible study group last winter. Unfortunately it’s true. 

When I started reading Alive!, my grocery store packaged their own brand of organic raisins in a round cardboard canister that held more than a pound and was labeled as thirteen 1/4 cup servings. When I began eating them, a little bit was enough. As time went on, however, I was eating one full container a day. I should have realized when I found raisins daily stuck to the kitchen floor, or the bottom of my shoe, or undressed at night and raisins fell out of my clothes, that my shoving repeated handfuls into my mouth was not normal. 

One day the store downsized their raisin container to a cardboard box holding nine 1/4 cup servings. What do I do? Buy more than one box per day? Cut back to nine servings a day? 

As promised here is a report about the Alive! 7-week presentation at our church. The testimonies of those attending were truly wonderful. One lady gave up sugar and found she went through withdrawal symptoms (I can only imagine the amount of sugar that she was ingesting daily). Another, although not overweight, began to pay more attention to her diet and quickly noticed an increased feeling of well-being and energy level, and her skin, eyes and hair all began to look more ALIVE. Another lady testified that she ate “whatever” all of her life until she ran into significant health problems that could not be cured except by major surgery. She now has to be on a very strict gluten-free diet.

One woman testified that her husband had an aggressive cancer. She began juicing for him and giving him a plant-based diet. During doctor’s visits he was told that they couldn't explain or understand why he was still alive and said to keep on doing whatever they were doing. A few extra years of life was the result of this effort, and the wife has a good feeling about her part in his wellness plan which makes his passing a bit easier.  

Virtual Study Group

A group of women met at a retreat where the leader was teaching about restoration of the body, using material from Dr. Stoll's book, Alive! A Physician's Biblical and Scientific Guide to Nutrition. Many of the women approached the leader afterward to purchase a copy and express their desire to read through the book together. The challenge was that many of them were spread out across a large region, some even from other parts of the country. Also, the leader was not very technologically inclined; thus, an e-mail study group was born! All the participants committed to reading one chapter every two days, and the leader regularly sent out plant-based recipes and thoughts she had along the journey (excerpts from one such communication is listed below, entitled, "I'm Hooked"). Here is a testimony from the group...

I’m hooked on healthy eating a lot more than I thought.

Thursday night my husband and I drove to our weekend getaway home. I took a small ice chest with healthy food I thought might spoil soon. Friday afternoon we went to the larger grocery store as I remembered they carry more organic food than other local grocery stores. 

My husband took one cart to buy “his” food including a box of chocolate Tastykake mini-donuts and plastic carton of assorted danish filled with cheese and jellies. I headed to the organic section. Whoa! Am I spoiled by the food stores near my home? The organic aisle here was 80% cans of salty soup and boxes of sugary cereal.

At the same time my daughter and granddaughter were driving to join us and stopping at Whole Foods. I frantically started calling her. No answer. Then I started texting. “No laundry detergent here”.  A second text read “No brown rice flour if you want some”.  A third text declaring, “No organic kale. No Swiss chard.” No answer.

My husband contently continued to load his now half full cart with bad choices. He had difficulty understanding my distress.

I turned on a Christian cable television one day and caught the end of an interview with Dr. Stoll. I immediately searched online to find out more. Initially I purchased four copies of the book, one for me and three to give away.  I discovered Alive! just at the right time. I had been doing research into food and health as my daughter was getting unexplained rashes/hives. I read other books that got a bit legalistic and would talk about what NOT to eat. One book even said to cut out many fruits but it advocated the use of sugar and other foods not so healthy for the body, as they did not cause allergic reactions.  

Fit City Success: Kyle Casey loses 75 pounds after reading book

TYLER, TX (KYTX) - Kyle Casey's struggle with weight didn't just start in his 40's. It's something he's battled for much of his life. He says the book "Alive" by Dr. Scott Stoll changed his life.

Kyle Casey, a PE teacher at Hogg Middle School, doesn't want to find himself in this place again.

"In January, I found myself weighing in the mid 250's." Sick from acid reflux and gout and taking medications to control his health issues. I want to be healthy I want to be around for my kids," says Kyle Casey.

So, when Kyle joined the fitness challenge, he immediately got to work cutting his calories and walking, but he still hadn't read the book, "Alive" yet.

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kriner beforeMy name is Annette and I have been on this journey for years. You might ask how that can be. Where I am at did not happen overnight; it is due to emotional eating, things I was taught growing up, and in my nutrition class in college. Most every event revolves around eating. I have done this to myself and no one else. I always said I would not weigh more than so much and then I would get above it and set another goal I did not want to reach. I have tried numerous diets over the years with varying success.

Cheeseburgers, French fries, Blizzards at Dairy Queen, apple pie, homemade chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, pecan pie, pizza, pizza, pizza, barbecued Fritos, tortilla chips, sour cream and onion chips, Snickers bars, REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups, big slabs of steak (medium rare), pork tenderloin, baby back ribs, root beer.  Those were a few of my favorite things. I must confess – I love to eat. Eating alone.  Eating with friends. Eating with family. Eating out at a fine restaurant or a Five Guys Burgers joint. Eating while watching sports on TV. Eating popcorn in a movie theater. Eating the 3rd slice of pizza, and the 4th and the 5th. I love to eat.

I always felt blessed by the fact that I could eat almost anything I wanted to eat and not really look or feel so bad. As it turns out, this really wasn’t much of a blessing.  Instead, it served as my excuse to eat and eat and eat some more. I met Dr. Scott Stoll on October 7, 2011.  I went to his home to sell clothing to him. Shortly into our time together, we came to the realization that we were both followers of Jesus Christ. I serve as the Children’s Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church, a church of about 1,200 in Easton, Pennsylvania. Our conversation drifted into a discussion of health and nutrition. I shared with Scott that during my last visit to my family doctor, she wanted to prescribe a cholesterol lowering medication to me. My cholesterol was 217. My doctor was very concerned because my dad (who passed at age 68 of heart disease) had his first open heart surgery at age 48. Also, my sister had a stent installed in her heart last year at age 48. I was 40-years-old and my doctor could see where the train was heading. Scott advised me to hold off on taking a cholesterol drug. I was curious since this was not the typical rhetoric I would expect from a doctor. He told me he had just finished writing a book called Alive! A Physician’s Scientific and Biblical Guide to Nutrition. He said that the book wasn’t published yet, but it would be by the time I returned with his clothing. He also told me that I would probably not need any cholesterol medication if I put the principles in his book into practice. I returned to his home on November 4 with his clothing. Before I left, he gave me a copy of Alive!

soto-beforeI am a wife and mother of two pre-teen daughters. I also work full-time and attend college in the evenings. My busy lifestyle was my excuse for making bad choices at meal times. I didn’t have any immediate health concerns so I didn’t feel the pressure to make changes. However, my clothes were very tight on me and I did not want to buy bigger clothes. My husband had been diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol and my youngest daughter was overweight and headed for the same diagnosis. I wanted to lead by example and God in His perfect timing put everything in place.

A friend came to our monthly ladies’ breakfast meeting at church with her blender and made a strange looking green smoothie. I am usually open to new things so I tried it and was impressed. She explained how she and her husband had lost weight without trying by following a plant-based eating plan that her doctor, Dr. Scott Stoll, had taught them.