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$19.95 each


Today both our waistlines and bookshelves are bulging, and yet every year we continue to search for the next easy answer to painless weight loss. Based upon extensive research from thousands of medical research articles, hundreds of books, his medical practice and the timeless wisdom of God’s Word, Dr. Stoll shares God’s perfect plan for food and health that was designed to draw us back to a daily or bite-by-bite relationship with Him. The forty chapters in this book provide a transformational journey that will strengthen both the body and the spirit.

$15.95 each

Kristen's Healthy Kitchen Recipes

This cookbook helps walk you through easy step-by-step instructions to prepare delicious, healthy, nutrient-rich meals that you and your family will enjoy! No more wondering, “What am I going to cook tonight?” 

Includes step-by-step helps for resistant family member, easy-to-follow color tabs for each section of your plate, and delicious and healthy desserts, snacks, and breakfast recipes!

$7.95 each

God's Garden Friends

by Dr. Scott and Kristen Stoll

“Mom, can we please have Brussels sprouts?

Whether this is a question you only dream about your children asking or an everyday question in your home, this book is for you!

God’s Garden Friends is an exciting children’s educational coloring book, designed by Dr. Scott and Kristen Stoll, to help families have fun while learning lots of interesting trivia about fruits and vegetables, and encouraging kids – and kids at heart - toward healthy eating!
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