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Today both our waistlines and bookshelves are bulging, and yet every year we continue to search for the next easy answer to painless weight loss. Based upon extensive research from thousands of medical research articles, hundreds of books, his medical practice and the timeless wisdom of God’s Word, Dr. Stoll shares God’s perfect plan for food and health that was designed to draw us back to a daily or bite-by-bite relationship with Him. The forty chapters in this book provide a transformational journey that will strengthen both the body and the spirit.

A Physician’s Biblical & Scientific Guide to Nutrition

Alive! Kindle Edition

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Alive! Nook Edition

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The Center for Disease Control states that more than 75 percent of diseases are preventable or reversible with... no doctors, no medicine,
and no surgery!

Sounds impossible, right? And yet, it’s truly so simple and logical that, in our so-called “enlightened” society, it seems ridiculous to us. The
solution? Return to God’s diet plan as described on Day 3 of creation in Genesis 1:29. That’s it!

Every day I see the carnage of disease and the broken lives strewn in its path. People’s dreams and hopes have been crushed under the weight of disease. Eventually, they become slaves to their diseases. –Dr. Scott Stoll, M.D.

Departing from God’s divine diet has brought us to the brink of physical disaster! Heart disease. Cancer. Type 2 diabetes. High blood pressure. Obesity. And premature death. Modern foods leave our cells starving for nutrients and the body bulging from excess empty calories. We are overfed and undernourished by processed foods that create unrelenting hunger and perpetuate unhealthy food addictions. We are digging our graves with a fork and spoon one bite at a time!

In Alive! Dr. Stoll provides these informative and helpful features:

  • Biblically documented nutrition guide
  • Quick-Reference Food Guide
  • Research from 10,000+ science and medical articles and reports
  • Facts verified in 200+ books and with the world’s nutritional authorities
  • A fully cross-referenced index

Using the Bible, case studies, medical research, and scientific facts, Dr. Stoll teaches us how to retreat from our suicidal sugar-and-fat based diet to God’s divine plant-based food plan. If we return to God’s original provision of food, we can achieve renewed health, disease reversal, and energized life into our eighties, nineties, and beyond!

This is not just another fad diet–it’s God’s perfect food plan. Try it. You’ll live longer and truly enjoy being Alive! And the spiritual benefits are out of this world!

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