Body Balance Exercises (PDF Download)

Body Balance Exercises (Download)
$4.95 each


Your body is fully connected from the top of your head to your big toe, and any imbalance is carried up the chain, affecting all of the joints above and those below! A balanced, strong body prevents injuries and degeneration, serving as a broad, strong foundation for other activities and exercise.  

For many who face busy schedules, it is difficult to find the time to exercise in larger blocks of time; however, daily studies have shown strong benefits of exercising throughout the course of the day.

Body Balance Exercises

  • Improves strength, balance, and posture with no time added to your day!
  • Allows you to rotate through a variety of exercises
  • Effectively exercise the whole body
  • Reconditions and re-balances the body
  • Contains easy to follow directions and full-color photographs for over 25 exercises
  • Provides a fun activity for the whole family
  • Created in downloadable PDF format*

*Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

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