Our vision is to inspire individuals to live "fully alive" and to passionately pursue lives of significance and purpose for God’s glory. As good stewards of the body given to each of us, Fully Alive Today can help you put into practice healthy principles of diet and nutrition based upon the Bible and the most up-to-date scientific and medical research. Our goal is to educate and motivate you to make the best choices to achieve a healthy, strong body and mitigate the effects of living in a fallen world.

Dr. Scott Stoll was called to this life work after providing medical care and nutrition counseling to missionaries and pastors who had been forced to leave their calling due to poor health. Their hearts were joined to God’s purpose, but poor diets had produced bodies that no longer functioned in His service.

The same is true throughout the Church, which has become entangled in a culture of unhealthy food. Recent research, in fact, finds that there is a serious obesity epidemic in the America’s churches. This involves many of the most common chronic degenerative diseases, which are largely preventable and often reversible through the application of a healthy lifestyle founded on God’s first provision of food.

Our mission is to share the good news, first of God’s provision for redemption and eternity through Jesus Christ, and second the message of renewed physical health through His provision of food for lifelong health. Ultimately, individuals and the Church can be transformed when people realize both God’s purpose for their lives and the renewed health necessary to accomplish His will.

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Dr. Scott Stoll