Today there is a lot of debate about the causes of the obesity epidemic with millions of dollars spent on studies to explore the causes and create solutions including vaccinations for obesity! The answer to this crisis is under our noses every single day, and can be found on the plates and couches across America.

Here are some shocking statistics: over the past 100 years we have increased our sugar consumption by 195 pounds per person per year from an average of 5 pounds per person in 1890 to more than 200 pounds of sweeteners in 2000, increased the consumption of processed grains such as chips and crackers by 62 pounds per year, meats by 60 pounds per year, increased cheese intake by 28 pounds per year, added 53 gallons of soft drinks per person per year, reduced our fruit and vegetable intake, added 500 calories per day to our diets, and become more inactive, watching on average more than four hours of TV per day.

The answer is simple—you and I must return to the more simple whole foods, plant-strong diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruits, avoid foods in bags, cans and packages, and find opportunities to be active every day. Returning to God’s first provision of food for life results in the blessing of renewed energy and health. Like any change, it may take some effort in the beginning to readjust your habits. However, soon the new healthy habits will become the norm, your body will be healthier and stronger, and you will feel better—guaranteed. Remember, lasting health is found in God’s provision: physically from a plant-strong diet and spiritually through Jesus Christ.

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