Don Stillman

Co-Founder & Partner

Don is a senior media executive for marketing, monetization and promotions in all communication channels including television, radio, motion pictures, direct to consumer, Internet and publishing.

Individually and through his own company Creative Content Marketing LLC, for many years Don has served as partner / senior executive for a range of mass-market and Christian media and communications companies. Some include ABC Television, PBS Television, Worldvision Enterprises, Fox News Channel, Readers Digest, Cross Bridge Media, Beliefnet, Redeem The Vote, Thomas Kinkade and others. He has also served an extensive list of leading Christian ministries and faith-based organizations focusing on outreach, evangelism and most recently, health and nutrition.

Some of these clients and marketing partners include Campus Crusade for Christ, The Bowery Mission, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Christian Broadcasting Network, the Inspiration Network, Daystar Television, Christianity Today International, Thomas Nelson Publishers, Saddleback Church, Focus on the Family, and many others. Don is also a founding member of Jesus Daily Group, LLC – currently the number one Facebook page in the world, based on monthly "engagements" as certified by

At Fully Alive, LLC, Don and his team are building and continuously expanding a global network of influential business, faith-based, and media alliances. These alliances are all geared towards the promotion and support of healthier eating, nutrition and fitness through which chronic diseases can be prevented, arrested and reversed through the wellness programs at Fully Alive, LLC.

Don lives with his wife Valerie in Connecticut where they have raised their four children. They currently have three grandchildren.

Don's Christian Testimony

Today, I am a humble work in progress, resting in the freedom of Jesus, and fully in God's hands.

My upbringing was a happy memory of being raised in a loving and stable home in Darien, Connecticut with my Mom, Dad, one sweet sister and our dog Ezekiel. Recollections include my Dad as a New York City commuter, frequent business traveler and Sunday School teacher. My Mom was (and is) a powerhouse of a lady, having been raised all over the world; the only child of a tough-as-nails two-star Marine Corps General. A wonderful and energetic family who seemed to me to be best a kid could have.

Despite our diligent attendance of the local Congregational Church for as long as I can remember, I cannot recall the name of Jesus ever being spoken at home, unless possibly at Christmas or Easter.

Before I came to know Jesus Christ in a personal relationship in my early 30's, I had good jobs in the television and motion picture businesses. I must admit, I thought I had really arrived! After a few years on the media fast track, I sensed a growing emptiness that I tried to fill with E-S-T, Angel readings and other meaningless spiritual distractions.

Valerie, my lovely girlfriend at that time – and now my wife of some 30 years – took me to a Billy Graham Crusade in New Haven, Connecticut in 1982. While I experienced no lightning-bolt of divine clarity there, I actually went forward to accept Christ during the altar call. Truth be told however, I believe I took that step more to avoid losing my ride home with Valerie in that huge crowd, than to accept freedom through Christ.

No matter what my motive, soon thereafter Valerie and I became more aware of our lifestyle, and our need to make changes. We did so immediately. We were attending Hope Church in Wilton, Connecticut at that point and through a combination of Bible studies, small groups and daily devotions, we gradually came to feel and gladly accept God's presence, power and control of lives. We were baptized together in the summer of 1983 and have weathered our share of triumphs and tragedies since then. We lean on God to get us through the toughest times, the worst of which was the death of our 22-year-old son, Beau. God has been faithful to us in every way, and we continuously strive to be faithful to Him. We are not perfect, just forgiven.

I am blessed to have worked in the Christian arena now for more than 20 years. As a result, I have worked one-on-one with many of the best known and most influential Christian leaders, pastors, experts and celebrities in the world. Through these friendships, over the years I have witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly of Christendom in America today. Happily, it's mostly all good, as I've been privileged to see God at work in so many different church and ministry settings over such a long period of time. I've had a front row seat to witness His miracles, transformations, answered prayers and changed lives – including my own.

Today, I remain a work in progress. I love the Lord and clearly understand His commands relating to obedience and accountability. I gratefully welcome His forgiveness and acceptance, and humbly receive His correction. And above all else, as my friend Rick Muchow wrote in his song "The Greatest Mystery" (my favorite) is that "The Greatest Mystery is that the God of all the Universe would even think of me."

Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me