A Plant-Based Diet for Optimal Lifetime Health

Not a short-term fad, a plant-based diet offers a lifetime of health and vitality. In fact, a plant-based diet rich in nutrients can be expected to produce weight loss and higher energy levels in just a few weeks. Fully Alive Today is here to help you learn ways to easily transition to a natural diet, free of chemical-laden processed foods, so that you can enjoy better health, and even reverse the disease process.

Fully Alive Today exists to teach you how to plan menus and prepare healthy recipes your family will enjoy. You’ll learn how to prepare a healthy grocery list, so that you can enjoy the benefits that a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables provides as inexpensively as possible. And, you’ll read about medical research that confirms why good nutrition is so important to your health and fulfilling God’s purpose for your life.

Healthy eating is the foundation for a healthy, productive life. We hope you will take advantage of the information on this website, sign up for our e-newsletter, download some healthy recipes, or join us for one of our Health Immersions.