Healthy Dinners to Delight Your Family

Dinner time is important to the health of your family both physically and spiritually. Ideally, it is a time for the whole family to relax together and fellowship over healthy food to share their lives and God’s Word.

In our American culture, meat is likely to be the centerpiece of most meals—especially dinners. If you understand this as a cultural norm that you need not follow, rather than a nutritional necessity, you will find yourself on the road to better health. Plan to serve a small portion (3-4 oz.) of organic meat (chicken, beef, wild-caught fish, bison or game) no more than three times weekly. Alive! A Physician’s Biblical and Scientific Guide to Nutrition by Scott Stoll, M.D., can help you better understand this guidance.

Dinners should consist of:
  • A large green salad with a variety of leafy greens
  • A cooked dish, such as vegetable-based soups, stews, beans/lentils. Also whole grains, such as quinoa, millet, buckwheat, and bulgur wheat.
  • A lightly-steamed vegetable
  • Fruit
  • Water
To achieve balanced nutrition, it is important to include a variety of vegetables. Download our Healthy Plate Illustration to get a visual representation of how your plate should be divided for optimal healthy eating.

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