Three Simple Steps to Improve Your Health

  1. Plan for Better Health & Share Your Plan
    Every successful endeavor, including healthy lifestyle change, is only successful when a plan is created and executed. At least 90% of all people who start a diet regain all of the weight they lost. Sometimes they gain back more than they lost.

    Part of the failure is due to the lack of a long-term plan combined with shortsighted goals. Decide today to make a life-long change in the way you live and in the choices you make to maximize your health and make a lasting improvement in the quality of your life.

    The first step to lasting healthy lifestyle change is to prayerfully examine your life and ask the Lord to convict you about the absolute need to make a change. This may include the realization that your body is ultimately God’s and that an unhealthy body will limit your service to Him, your family, church, and community. It may also impact the quality and length of your life on this earth.

    Next, decide to begin to make changes today. Start with a simple action that will allow you to build on your success tomorrow. Share your commitment to better health with your family or others, so that you will gain a sense of accountability.

  2. Purge the Pantry
    We need not look any further than our pantries and refrigerators for the cause of American’s obesity and the American health crisis.

    The first step to making a successful life-long dietary change is to purge your pantry and refrigerator of unhealthy foods. If these harmful, addictive foods are within easy reach they will derail even your best intentions. Addictive, unhealthy foods will eventually overpower your strongest willpower.

    How does your pantry and refrigerator stack up? Take a couple of minutes to scan the foods that fill the shelves. What percentage of the food would be considered unprocessed plant-based foods that promote a healthy body? How many boxes, cans, and bags of man-made food do you count? Remember, a healthy body begins and ends with what is on the shelves of your pantry and refrigerator. The foods that line your shelves will soon line your stomach.

    Take some time to gather all of the unhealthy foods from your kitchen. Make it a celebration! Here are some foods to look for: crackers, processed cereals, chips, sweets/treats, soda, breakfast bars, boxed cakes, cookies, cheese, canned foods, white breads, and ice cream. In general, the more food has been altered from its original form, the more negatively it will affect your health. You may find that your cupboards are bare, but consider them ready to re-stock with healthy food that will strengthen, regenerate, and heal your body.

  3. Purchase Healthy Living Foods
    Now you are ready to purchase food that will strengthen, heal and revive your body. As a general rule, shop the produce section and bulk foods/health aisles typically found at the perimeter of the store, and only rarely venture down the well-traveled middle aisles. Poor health begins by shopping the middle aisles of the store. If you pay attention, you soon will notice the difference between your shopping cart–and body–and those of patrons shopping in the middle of the store.

    This may seem like a daunting task right now and you may be asking yourself, “What am I going to buy and cook for myself or my family?” Be encouraged! Like every change in life, you can expect the new and challenging to become much easier and more routine within a few months. Believe it or not, your grocery shopping will become much easier because you will spend the majority of your time purchasing a very consistent list found in two locations, the produce aisle and the healthy foods/organic aisle. Eventually, you may want to explore bulk purchases from your local health food store, since this can be a way to cut down on your shopping time and save money.

    Commit to eat one healthy nutrient-rich meal the first week, two meals the second week, three in the third week, until you reach seven nutrient-rich meals in a week. In the beginning this may take some extra time at the grocery store as you visit new aisles and look for healthy alternatives. Don’t give up. Soon this new, healthy style of shopping and cooking will become the norm, and your shopping and preparation time will go back to more normal levels as well.

    Find a suggested healthy grocery list here in our FAQ section. You’ll also find healthy plant-based recipes among the FAQs. Or order Kristen’s Healthy Kitchen Recipes here for more salads, entrees, breakfast suggestions, and even snacks.